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Fastcall in Salesforce High Velocity Sales (HVS)

Salesforce High Velocity Sales (HVS) is an add-on to your Salesforce org that allows you to create sales cadences. You create steps – calls or emails – with timing set in between each step. When your users are working from an HVS sales cadence Fastcall will complete the call. It is really super easy. The experience is nearly identical to using Fastcall in Lightning or Console. Or our Dial by List.

Fastcall in Salesforce High Velocity Sales will log your calls as a Task and Call record.

For each call completed in Salesforce High Velocity Sales Fastcall will create a Task record with call duration, call subject, call notes, call result and more. Calls can be recorded. Fastcall also supports Einstein Call Coaching so that your recorded calls can be transcribed and analyzed.

Fastcall supports Einstein Call Coaching too

Einstein Conversation Insights (Einstein Call Coaching) surfaces key moments in your sales rep’s conversations with customers. Managers can quickly zoom in to important parts of the conversation in an audio player to listen for mentions of competitors, products, pricing discussions, and next steps. This information can then be used to identify a reps’ strengths and areas for improvement, allowing managers to personalize their coaching. Collected across the team, these insights can quickly surface best practices and facilitate more effective sales conversations.

Fastcall in Salesforce High Velocity sales
Fastcall in Salesforce High Velocity sales

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