Current subscribers please use the support form in the FastCall application. The in-app from sends info about your FastCall setup and creates a case for you in our Salesforce org. As a native Salesforce application, we do not see any of your application settings.** IMPORTANT ** FastCall may ask you to grant support access in Salesforce. FastCall can access your SFDC org (with limited rights) as the developer of a package you have installed. You grant this access under:Your name —> My Settings Grant Login Access Give us at least a few days for access.The page looks like this:Grant support accessAnd once granted please let us know, Salesforce does not notify partners when access is granted.Last, it often helps if you send a screenshot to help explain an issue. Reply to the support email if you have an image to share. ​We access your org via standard Salesforce support.If you are not a FastCall subscriber, the form below can send a message.