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Contacting Fastcall Support

For the fastest service, we ask that Fastcall subscribers open a case within the app. This allows us to better track your issue and see your application settings (when support access has been granted).

We recommend granting Fastcall support access to your Salesforce account prior to submitting a support case. This gives us limited access to your Salesforce account so that we can view your settings directly, troubleshoot more easily, and resolve your case more quickly.

If you aren’t able to access the app for any reason, you can open a case by emailing support@fastcall.com.

To Grant Support Access

Step 1

Click your user profile photo on the top right of your Salesforce dashboard. Click on “Settings.” Please make sure you are in your user settings and not your org settings.

Click Org Settings - We Are Here To Help

Step 2

While on the settings dashboard, you’ll see a navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on “Grant Account Login Access” underneath the “My Personal Information” dropdown.

Grant Account Login - We Are Here To Help

Step 3

Locate the dropdown menu for “Fastcall Support,” choose for how long you would like to grant Fastcall access, and click “Save.” We recommend choosing “1 Week.”

Grant Fastcall Access - We Are Here To Help

Please Note: Granting Fastcall Support Access does NOT notify Fastcall. To open a support case with Fastcall, please follow the instructions below.

To Submit A Support Case

Step 1

Go to the Salesforce Application Menu and click on Fastcall to open.

Click Fastcall to open

Step 2

Click on “Support,” which is located in two different areas:

1. Within the User Setting page, click on “Support” located in the left sidebar menu.

2. Within the pop-up app screen, click on the three parallel bars on the upper left-hand side of the window. Click on “Support” within the menu that appears.

Click on Support

Step 3

Please complete all sections of the support form. We will ask for any uncompleted answers via email when responding to your case, so for the quickest service and issue resolution, we recommend sending us these details in advance via our form.

Support form

Please Note: Your Fastcall admin will be cc’d on all support cases submitted by users.

Step 4

If you’d like to submit a screenshot, please send by replying to the automated email you will receive after your support ticket is opened.

Support email
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