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Unit – Seeing the Details of a Call with a Task Record

In this unit you will learn:

  • How Fastcall stores the details of inbound and outbound calls
  • How to view call details in a Salesforce task record
  • What information is available about inbound and outbound calls via Salesforce task records

This unit assumes you have completed the previous units in the Fastcall Basics module.

Fastcall and Tasks

Fastcall stores a lot of details about a call. Although Fastcall stores these details on custom objects in Salesforce called ‘Call records’, the most important details are copied to a standard Salesforce Task record. Fastcall will create one Task record per call.

Your administrator may have disabled storing call details as Task records. If this is the case, you should go straight to learning about call records. The specific setup may be customized by your admin.

Opening Tasks from the Fastcall widget

You can view a Task in Salesforce as a related record from a parent Salesforce object, for example, Leads. You can also get to the Task for a call via Fastcall:

1. Open any record interactions thread.

Screenshot of the list of Fastcall record interaction threads

2. Click on any call.

Screenshot of a voice message interaction thread in the Fastcall

Salesforce Task with call details added by Fastcall

This section of the Fastcall Task Layout shows the most important details about a call.

Screenshot of the Fastcall outbound call details

Call From: The telephone number that made the call

Call To: The telephone number to which the call was made

Call Type: Whether the call is inbound or outbound

Call Duration: How long the call lasted, in seconds

Call Notes: Notes that were added to the call using the Fastcall widget

Call Result: The result of the call as set in the Fastcall widget

Call Recording: A link to the recording of the call. The actual recording is stored in Twilio, not Salesforce.

Call Object Identifier: A unique identifier for the call as used by Twilio.

Call: A link to the call record, which stores even more details about the call.

Connection: A link to the connection record, which stores even more details about how the call was set up.

Voicemail: A link to the voicemail log record, which stores details about any voicemails.

SMS Message: A link to the SMS log record, which stores details about an SMS message.

This unit assumes your administrator has set up task records to use the ‘Fastcall Task Layout’ page layout provided in the FastCall app. If another layout is in use, different information will appear on the task record.

You can now continue with the other units in the Fastcall Basics module.

Last updated: Fastcall version 8.2.0, 2023-07-12

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