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Unit – IVR Action – Play Directory

This training unit covers how to configure the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Action ‘Play Directory’.

Play Directory

This Action causes a Group directory to be played. The Caller can then select a member of the Group to be connected to. The Action has the following settings of note:

  • Introductory Automated Message – A Message that plays before the Directory is read out. You should inform the Caller what’s happening and what you expect them to do, for example: ‘Welcome to Fastcall. If you know the person to whom you wish to speak, please choose them from this list.’
  • No Answer IVR – The IVR to connect to if the Caller takes no action or there are no Directory members available
  • Directory Loop Times – How many times the Directory will repeat
  • Directory Wait Time – How long to wait for Caller input
  • Directory Scope – Has to be ‘Group’
  • Directory Scope Group – Which Group the Directory is for

Group member names

The names played as part of the Directory are Messages configured on a user-by-user bases, under Fastcall Settings > My Settings > User Settings, Inbound Settings, ‘My Recorded Name’. If a User does not have a Message set under Recorded Name, they will not appear in the Directory.

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.6, 2019-01-21

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