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Unit – Call Transfer

This unit covers setting up the call transfer functionality of Fastcall. The settings are found under Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Call Handling > Call Transfer. End-user training for call transfer is here.

Call transfer is an upgrade and may have to be enabled by Fastcall support.

Warm or Cold?

Fastcall allows you to change between warm and cold transfers. A cold transfer drops the user making the transfer from the call, and then calls the user the call is transferred to. Cold transfer is a more basic call setup with two call legs.

A warm transfer adds the user into a three-way conference call so all three parties can speak. You will need to have three-way conference calling set up to use warm transfers, there is a separate training unit on this topic in the Advanced Fastcall Module.

Call transfer phones

Fastcall users can transfer calls to Fastcall users, Salesforce users, Groups or specified phone numbers such as a call center.

  • Calls transferred to Fastcall users will follow the user’s inbound route. This may include the softphone, simulring or overflow.
  • Calls transferred to Salesforce users will take phones from the Salesforce user record (office, mobile). These users do not have the Fastcall softphone.
  • Groups ring a Fastcall ACD as defined in our IVR settings.
  • Call transfer phones allow users to transfer to a set phone number such as a call center.

Transfers and call logging

Fastcall will create a Connection record for each leg of the Call. Call results and notes are stored on the Connection, so each User involved with the call can add their own results and notes. See the unit on the Fastcall data model for more detail on call logging.

Last updated: Fastcall v7.50, 2022-19-01

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