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Setup Guide

This setup guide is aimed at Salesforce administrators setting up Fastcall in their org:

  • Fastcall Setup – This module will take you through installing and setting up Fastcall to enable testing. There is a 7-day free trial in a Salesforce production org. There are no limits in a sandbox or developer org.
  • Install, initial setup and testing should take about 60 minutes.
  • Our Test Drive is a quick and easy way to test the application without installation.
  • After your initial testing, further details on specific capabilities and options are found under the Administrator Guide

When setting up Fastcall you’ll probably want to go through the following high-level checklist. You can search for more information on these items in these training resources:

Testing and evaluating Fastcall

  1. I used the Fastcall ‘test drive’ in the AppExchange to test dialing outbound calls, receiving inbound calls, and logging the call details in Salesforce
  2. I have outlined my requirements and have shared these with Fastcall to confirm compatibility
  3. I reviewed and understand how Twilio connects to Fastcall.

Finalizing Fastcall install

  1. I have go-ahead from my key users and decision makers to use Fastcall.
  2. I have a means of paying for Fastcall (credit card with sufficient balance)
  3. I have bought sufficient Fastcall licenses for my users
  4. I have reviewed Twilio usage
  5. I have decided whether I want to use Call Records or Task Records for recording call details, and configured the Contact, Account and Lead page layouts accordingly

Provisioning users

  1. I have allocated Fastcall licenses to my users
  2. I have provisioned and verified phone numbers for my users, and done any other necessary configuration (voicemails, ACD groups, etc)
  3. I have established a process for users to report problems, request configuration changes and similar
  4. I have given my users training on how to use Fastcall. This training was specific to their jobs.

The next section reviews our Test Drive in the AppExchange. You can skip ahead to Setup if you are moving directly to installation.