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Setup Guide

Before you jump too far into set-up we ask that you outline your requirements and share these with Fastcall to confirm compatibility and pricing.

This setup guide is aimed at Salesforce administrators setting up Fastcall in their org.

Install in Salesforce production, sandbox or dev org. 7-day free trial in production.
  • Fastcall Setup – This module will take you through installing and setting up Fastcall to enable testing. There is a 7-day free trial in a Salesforce production org. There are no limits in a sandbox or developer org.
  • Fastcall is installed from the Salesforce AppExchange. Use the GET IT NOW option. Enterprise Edition or above is requred.
  • Fastcall can be installed in a Salesforce production org, sandbox or developer org.
  • Install, initial setup and testing should take about 60 minutes.
  • The Test Drive is a very limited way to test the application without installation. Contact us and we wil provide login credentials to a Test Drive org.
  • After your initial testing, further details on specific capabilities and options are found under the Administrator Guide

When setting up Fastcall you’ll probably want to go through the following high-level checklist. You can search for more information on these items in these training resources:

The next section reviews Setup to guide you through installation.

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