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Unit – IVR Action – Call Transfer

This unit covers the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Action ‘Call Transfer’. It covers all call targets and Auto Call Distribution (ACD) strategies apart from Round Robin Queue, which has its own training unit.

Call Transfer

Call Transfer does what it says on the tin – it transfers the call to a given target. The target can be:

  • A Group, as setup in Fastcall
  • Fastcall user
  • The Record owner (must be a user)
  • A phone number, for example, a call center.

In addition, you can specify the following:

  • Introductory Automated Message – this should inform the Caller what’s happening, for example, ‘Transferring you to your account manager’.
    Note: You do not use the IVR “Play Message” for this.
  • No Answer IVR – the IVR to which the Caller is directed should the transfer fail to connect to a user. This IVR and the recorded message should be set up first.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Settings

When making a Call Transfer to a Group, Fastcall can use a number of different ACD settings. These are:

  • Round Robin – Calls each available Group member in turn. You can configure the number of repeats and the timeout given to each User.
  • Simulring – Calls all available Group members simultaneously. You can configure the timeout given to each User.
  • Round Robin Queue – places calls on hold.


Groups are created in Fastcall and contain Fastcall users. We use the Salesforce Group object and a custom object for added metadata.

When calls are answered by users in a group, each user had an ACD receiver. This is unique from the User’s inbound call route used for phones assigned to a single user. Timing for the ACD is set in the IVR. Each user can set her individual call route for her user phones. These are independent.

If the IVR is transferring to a Group, you must change the No Answer Settings to log the Missed Call to either a specific User or a Queue. Keep in mind that Salesforce Tasks must be owned by a user. If you set the missed call to be owned by a queue then a Task record is not created. Fastcall supports creating Open Tasks for missed calls or Cases.

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.6, 2019-05-14