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Unit – Inbound Call Routing – Call Pop

Fastcall Inbound Call Pop

You most likely know that Fastcall can be used for inbound call routing and you know about the Fastcall softphone. This page describes how Fastcall pops inbound calls.

First, let’s talk about caller IDs and how Fastcall matches the incoming call.

Twilio will pass the call’s “from” number (the caller ID). However, not all calls will have a caller ID, and the caller ID may not be the caller’s direct, or only phone number. Phone systems may send the main number as caller ID, an extension that is not the user’s direct line, or no caller ID at all. Thus, the Caller ID lookup is not perfect. And of course, the number may not exist yet in Salesforce. Example: The Contact calls from her mobile and the office number is in Salesforce. You get the idea.

When Fastcall receives an inbound call and we either find a match or a match is created by the user, we add the number and matched record to a lookup table in Salesforce.  When a subsequent call is received, Fastcall will search our lookup table for the number. If there is one match we show the match. If there is more than one matching record with the phone number then the user must choose which record to associate.

Today, Fastcall does not prioritize or otherwise sort the caller ID match if there is more than one record in Salesforce with the phone number. Though Salesforce allows you to select which object to search. I will talk about that in a minute.

In this example of inbound calls with no match, recent calls in the widget show the phone number only. A red arrow is a missed call. Blue arrow is answered. You may also see an icon for voicemail. BTW, you can reply to a missed call from the widget. Fastcall will note a reply call on the record.

The user can search for a match, if we found a matching Salesforce record we will see results, if no results are shown there is an option to search or create a new lead.

Fastcall shows recent calls in the widget and also on the Dashboard tab. If you select a call record of the Call list, on the Dashboard, you will see the details there too.

Under inbound settings, the option to use a softphone page layout is an advanced option and should only be used if your org has a custom Visualforce page used to answer calls (not common). The option to look up the calling record at the beginning of the call should be left on. Last, Fastcall gives an option to set the default Lead Status and Lead Source for Leads created in the widget.

Users must be available to answer an inbound call, this setting is managed by the user in the header of the widget. Under Missed call settings, Fastcall gives an advanced setting to automatically logout a user after X missed calls. This will send the incoming call to the next user in our ACD, the next phone in overflow, or to a voicemail. In the same section for inbound call settings, we give an option for a missed call email.

We have a very helpful post on how to manage missed calls here.

Fastcall will only ring the softphone and pop the matching record if you are logged into Salesforce and on a page containing the call center file (widget). For example, if you are reading a report (a page with no Fastcall widget) the softphone will not ring in Salesforce. Fastcall has a “simulring” option where more than one phone ring at a time. This allows you to ring the softphone and your mobile, for example. You will answer the call in the most convenient phone. Simulring will give you a notification outside of Salesforce. With simulring, the first to answer gets the call.

Fastcall will send a notification to the widget of a call ringing on a hard phone.

To use Fastcall to route inbound calls, you may want to customize the Salesforce softphone with your search preferences. To start, go to the Salesforce Setup menu, search for Call Center, then Softphone layouts. You may need to create a new layout (name it Fastcall.) You chose the Salesforce objects you wish to search on.

Fastcall has options for simulring, overflow, time-of-day routing, and more. Calls can be assigned to users or groups. We cover these options on a separate post here.

NOTE: When working in the “classic” Salesforce page layout, the detail record for your inbound call will pop in a new browser tab. The call will be logged in the tab where the call was answered. In Salesforce Console this is all managed within Console.

You may need to update your pop-up blocker to allow the tab to open when on a standard Salesforce page layout. This is not required in Salesforce Sales Console.

LAST: Fastcall does not recommend Firefox for inbound calls using the softphone. Firefox will ask for permission to use your microphone with every inbound call. This is a Firefox restriction, not Fastcall. Chrome does not have this issue.

To start:

  • Go to the Salesforce Setup menu
  • Search for Call Center
  • Then Softphone layouts.

You may need to create a new layout (name it Fastcall). For more help go to: Customizing Softphone Layouts