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Unit – Setting up SMS

This unit covers the admin functionality behind SMS messages. By the end of it, you’ll be able to set your users up to use SMS messages in Fastcall. End-user training for SMS is found here.

First, enable SMS for your org

After your Fastcall account has been upgraded to use SMS capability, you can turn it on at an account-wide level in Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Call Handling > Upgrade Features with the ‘Enable SMS’ button. You can also enable SMS by List here if your account has that capability.

Enable SMS screenshot

Enable phone numbers with SMS capability

SMS functionality must be enabled per provisioned phone number. Not all phones will have SMS capability. Go to Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Phone Numbers > Manage Phone Numbers and check the SMS Enabled button at the bottom of the settings for each individual number.
TIP: Fastcall packages a report of phones so you can list all your phones and capabilities.

Enable SMS to a specific phone number sreenshot

Set up SMS templates

SMS templates can be accessed via Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > SMS Templates. Here you can see all templates set by your users, and also create them centrally and assign them to specific users and groups.

Fastcall supports a merge function for your SMS template. This is very similar to an email merge. You can create the merge templates as a Salesforce email template and paste them into a Fastcall template. Fastcall support fields across objects. You can organize your templates with tags and we give a search box.

Fastcall SMS Templates with Tags
Fastcall SMS Templates and Tags
Fastcall SMS Templates and Tags

SMS notification

Fastcall has a few options for notification. We have several user settings: forward SMS to email or to a user’s mobile phone. Fastcall supports Salesforce notification (desktop and mobile); Fastcall can also send a notification to Chrome with an option to play a sound.

Fastcall User Settings: SMS Notifications

SMS automation

Fastcall supports automation for SMS via Salesforce Process Builder or API. Documentation is found here.

SMS logging

Fastcall logs SMS similar to calls. We create a record in a custom object SMS and also create a Salesforce Task. SMS records can be available in the Salesforce View or Report. You should add the SMS custom object to your page layouts as you did with calls.

Train your users!

Merely turning on this functionality won’t result in SMS messages being sent. You’ll need to make sure your team knows how to use it (there’s a training unit on that!) and figure out how SMS messages can fit into your business process.

Last updated: Fastcall v7.42, 2021-09-14

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