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Unit – Dial/SMS by List

This unit covers the Dial and SMS by list functionality of Fastcall. This allows you to make outbound calls or send SMS messages to lists of Salesforce Records. It’s particularly useful in an ‘outbound call center’ type environment, but must be set up by your administrator before you can use it.

Dial by List button

Once your administrator has enabled it, you will find a new button, ‘Dial with Fastcall’, on the list views for the relevant record type. You select the records you wish to dial (list filters and searches are useful for this!) and then press the button to activate the Mass dialer.

Dial with Fastcall Screenshot
Activate the Mass dialer

Mass dialer

The Mass dialer shows the selected records and their phone numbers. You can then further refine your selection, select which phone number on the records you wish to contact and trigger either an SMS or a call to them.

Start Call

Dial by list

Dial by list will call records one by one using the Fastcall widget. Once you’ve finished logging the call it will commence the next one. The widget has a button added to it to ‘Dial next record after’ – you can turn this off to stop dialing.

SMS by list

SMS by list uses the Fastcall widget to send a single SMS message to all selected records. You can use this in exactly the same way as the normal SMS functionality of the widget.

To learn how to set dial-by-list by the administrator please see the admin training page.

Last updated: Fastcall v8.0.0, 2023-03-17

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