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Unit – Assigning your first phone number

This unit will take you through assigning the test phone number using the Twilio account connected for your free trial. This phone can be used as caller ID to make an outbound call and will route inbound calls. You can also verify a phone that you own to use as caller ID.


Your Fastcall 7-day trial account will come with an initial US phone number ready for use (Salesforce production org). Now that you’ve set up your site you can assign this phone number to your user.

1. Open the ‘Users’ tab in the Fastcall Admin Settings

2. Click on the User you wish to assign the phone number to


This will use your org’s site to communicate with Twilio and finalise the user setup.

Fastcall does not connect to a trial Twilio account in your Sandbox environment.

3. Open the ‘Phone Numbers’ tab in the Fastcall Admin Settings

5. Click on the phone number, it will be unassigned

6. Assign the phone number to your User in the ‘Caller ID Settings’

Phones are used both as outbound caller ID and will route inbound calls. Both caller ID and routing can be assigned to a user or a group. For this initial setup we are assigning the number to your user.

5. Verify a phone you own as caller ID (optional)

The next you will make a test call following the Fastcall Setup module.

Last updated: Fastcall version 6.0.2, 2018-12-26