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Unit – IVR Action – Voicemail

This training unit covers how to configure the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Action ‘Voicemail’.


The voicemail IVR action sends the caller to a voicemail box. The resulting Voicemail can be owned by a User, Queue, or record owner. Fastcall gives the option to create a Task or Case for missed calls. Voicemail is set on the same field used for call recordings. The recording is an MP3 hosted by Twilio.

Record your greetings and create your voicemail IVRs first because these are added to your other primary IVRs.

The settings for a Voicemail action are:

  • Message “We’re sorry we can’t help you right now, please leave a message”
  • Messages can be text, recordings hosted by Twilio or MP3 files hosted elsewhere.
  • Voicemail Owner type: Either User, Salesforce Queue or a record owner
  • Default Voicemail Owner: If we do not find a record owner the Voicemail will be assigned to this user
  • Enable Voicemail Transcription: Enables Twilio transcription for the voicemail
  • Option to send missed call email
ivr voicemail detail

Last updated: Fastcall v7.72, 2022-09-30

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