In this unit, you will learn about the “Phone Numbers” settings tab. (V)

Where to find the “Phone Numbers” settings tab

Phone numbers are controlled under Settings > Admin Settings > Phone Numbers.


The tab has a table which shows:

  • The name of the phone number
  • The number of the phone number
  • The type of the phone number (either ‘Provisioned’ or ‘Verified’)
  • To whom the phone number is available as caller ID on outbound calls
  • To whom the phone number is routed for inbound calls

You can filter and search this table, and click on any phone number to edit its properties.


Above the table, you have controls to verify or provision phone numbers, and to change the availability of caller IDs.

Verifying and provisioning phone numbers are covered in their own training units

Caller IDs Layout

This control allows you to quickly review and control which phone numbers are available as caller ID across your Salesforce org. Just drag and drop the phone numbers from one column to the other.

Last updated: 2018-11-20, Fastcall Version 5.8.4