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Unit – Fastcall and Einstein Conversation Insights

Einstein Conversation Insights surfaces key moments in your sales rep’s conversations with customers. Managers can quickly zoom in to important parts of the conversation in an audio player to listen for mentions of competitors, products, pricing discussions, and next steps. This information can then be used to identify a rep’s strengths and areas for improvement, allowing managers to personalize their coaching. Collected across the team, these insights can quickly surface best practices and facilitate more effective sales conversations.

Einstein Conversation Insights enables your organization to:

  • Coach sales reps to maximum performance. Gain visibility into sales rep’s customer interactions by zooming in to key call moments and reviewing objection-handling.
  • Enable best practices at scale. Accelerate onboarding, enablement, and continued success by sharing business insights with teams.
  • Unlock market insights. Define strategy based on team conversation trends and use those to identify strategies to prepare teams to handle important topics.

This unit assumes you have completed the ECI configuration in your Salesforce org. If not, you can check how to do it here.

Integrate Einstein Conversation Insights with Fastcall

1. Enable Call Recording.

In Fastcall Settings > Training Tools > Call Recording enable call recording for Inbound, Outbound, and/or Internal Calls. And make sure that Dual Channel Recording is enabled.

Enable call recording

2. Enable Conversation Insights

Go to Fastcall Settings > Training Tools > Call Coaching.

This feature requires Einstein Conversation Insights to be enabled in your organization. Fastcall needs to be enabled as a Conversation Insights recording provider. Click setup to complete the process.

Setup Fastcall as Media Provider

Then you have to enable Conversation Insights.

Enable conversation Insigts

3. Add Insights

Go to Setup and enter ‘Einstein Conversation Insights’ in the Quick Find box, then select Call Insights and add new insight.

Configure Call Insights
  1. Select insight type – Competitor, Product, or Custom insight.
  2. Select language – This insight’s keywords will appear only on calls in the selected language.
  3. Select Said By and Category.
  4. Add keywords – Enter up to 25 keywords using words or phrases.
Select Insight type
Save & Apply the New insight

4. Add Voice Call Tab

Open the App Launcher and search for Voice Call.

Add Voice Call Tab

After a call, a voice call is created and visible in this new Voice Call tab. When you open a voice call, a bar with the recording is visible with the different insights added in the ECI configuration.

Recording bar displays insights added in the ECI configuration

Last updated: Fastcall v8.2.8, 2023-09-13

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