This unit will take you through the configuration of call results in the Fastcall settings interface.


Call results are set at the end of a call and can optionally be required to end the call. The result tells people what happened on the call, and is, therefore, something that needs customizing to your specific business process.

Managing Call Results

There’s a helpful wizard for managing call results that steps you through the process. This unit will skip the wizard and go straight to the functionality.

Call Results are found under Fastcall Settings > Logging > Results > Call Results. On this tab you can set what the possible call results are.

You can modify the possible call results as follows:

  • By call direction (inbound/outbound)
  • By related Salesforce Object

Results for all Calls in that Direction

Once you have chosen a Call Direction, you can modify the list of results available for calls of that direction relating to all objects

Salesforce Object

You can optionally select a Salesforce Object and can modify the list of results available for calls relating to that Object only. Results in this list can modify a single field on the Object – for example, you could change the State of an Opportunity when a particular result is selected, or update a Lead from New to Contacted.

Automatic Call Results

Fastcall can apply call results automatically based on call duration. If you chose not to require call results – or do not want your users to set a call result, you can use the call duration to set a value.

Call Results Settings

There are two settings that can be changed if you do not wish to use Call Results as part of your business process:

  • Require Call Result to close task record – turn this off if Call Results are optional in your business process
  • Show Call Result in Sidebar – this hides the Widget pane with Call Results, turn this off if Call Results are not used at all in your business process

Last updated: Fastcall version v6.0.2, 2019-05-14