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Unit – Internal Dialer

This unit covers the Fastcall internal dialer. Your administrator will have to enable this for your org, but once enabled it will let you place calls to Fastcall Users, Salesforce Users or Fastcall Groups from the Widget.


The internal dialer appears as another tab on your Widget next to the dial pad. When you bring the tab up, it will display three groups:

  • Fastcall Users – these are all Fastcall Users who are currently available
  • Salesforce Users – all Salesforce Users who are not Fastcall Users and who do have a phone number set
  • Groups – all Fastcall Groups

When you select a group you will be able to search for and select an entry within that group. Clicking the entry will dial it using the configured calling device, and it will be handled by the inbound routing behaviour of the target. In the case of Salesforce Users, this will trigger a call to the phone number on the Salesforce User’s profile.


Calls made through the internal dialer create two Call Records – one for the outbound leg, one for the inbound. Each Call Record can have its own result, notes etc.

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.2, 2019-01-15

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