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Unit – Concurrent Calls / Calls on Hold

Fastcall users with phones assigned set devices to route inbound calls. The softphone looks for user status and rings available users. A user on a call or offline calls may have calls routed to a user’s voicemail. When another device is set the call rings to that device (office phone, mobile). Fastcall loses visibility to that device. We have no way to know if the user is available when a call routes her mobile phone.

To help manage inbound calls, Fastcall has added an option for concurrent calls – or calls on hold. When using the softphone Fastcall can present a user with a 2nd call – a concurrent call – and the user can decide if she wants to answer the call, reject it, or just let the call ring to voicemail.

concurrent call

Answering the 2nd call puts the first call on hold. The user can switch between calls as needed. There is also an option to place an outbound call on hold to dial a 2nd outbound call.

first call on hold

Fastcall Admin Setting for Concurrent Calls

This option can be enabled by the Fastcall admin under:

Settings > Call Handling > Inbound Settings > Concurrent Calls.

This is an org-wide setting for all Fastcall users.

Admin Setting for Concurrent Calls

Note: Concurrent calls cannot be set when 3-way calling is enabled.
3-way calling is enabled for “listen-in” so that 3 parties may be on the call. The call setup Fastcall uses for the 3-way calling is not compatible with the concurrent call.

Last updated: Fastcall version 8.0.0, 2023-03-23

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