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When It Comes to Business Applications, You Don’t Have to Have It AllJanuary 7, 2021 How to improve collaboration with Fastcall CTIDecember 23, 2020 Fastcall drives cooperation of Salesforce users with Intercall and solves Covid challengeNovember 24, 2020 FASTCALL ANNOUNCES CALLME – THE FIRST PHONE AUTOMATION APP FOR SALESFORCE WEB TO LEAD FORMSSeptember 11, 2019… Read more »


Fastcall IVR Update – Conditional Routing (beta) Fastcall has added filters for IVR routing. This filter can be applied when the IVR starts looking for a Salesforce record that matches the criteria set. Like other Fastcall IVRs there are two options with two sub-IVRs. When your criteria is met and not met. For example, you… Read more »


Fastcall Updates Task Custom Fields Fastcall has removed all custom Task fields from the package. We are now mapping these Task fields to your own custom fields or giving the option to create the fields post-installation. The fields include lookups (Calls, Connections, SMS, Voicemail) and fields for Call Recording, From Phone and To Phone. Salesforce… Read more »

Awesome Updates to Fastcall!

We invite you to check out the new version of the app so that you can take advantage of the new capabilities, among which the following are highlighted: IVR Improvements The IVR now has an option: “Does the matching record have an owner in Salesforce?”This response splits the route for Owned / Not owned records. Notifications in… Read more »


IVR Improvements Fastcall has added a filter for the Salesforce record owner. This filter can be applied when the IVR starts – look for a Salesforce record first, or applied when looking for the user’s voicemail. Notification in Salesforce Mobile Sort Managed Objects for Inbound call search In Developement… Fastcall is working on an improved… Read more »


Improved logging of Twilio errors Fastcall has added three new reports detailing Twilio errors. The errors themselves are not always a concern, but you will be able to track if errors are increasing on any day or for a specific user. New IVR voicemail option for the record owner Fastcall has a call transfer option… Read more »

Rising to Swift Challenges in App Development

Reposted from AHEADCRM You may have heard about The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, or the idea of an MVP (minimum viable product). These methodologies say only build what subscribers ask—and will pay— for. Business app development isn’t a one-way street; sometimes a customer will come to you with an idea for a product you wouldn’t otherwise… Read more »


Added new merge fields to SMS templatesPrepared for Salesforce Security ReviewImproved inbound call ringing when multiple tabs are openAdded search filters to managed objectsWorked on SMS APIEinstein Call CoachingFixed bugs