Fastcall Devices: Softphone and SIP Phone

Softphones are super easy. Plug in a high-quality USB headset and you are ready to go. Softphones are super easy for outbound calls and can answer inbound calls. The one drawback of a softphone is that it relies on the browser to connect your calls. And the browser uses the computer OS (Windows, MacOS or… Read more »


Option to Create a New Case for Inbound Calls Option to retrieve calls from Twilio on Demand When your call ends, Fastcall publishes your call summary to a Salesforce Task with further details written to a custom object for Calls. Rarely, the call recording is late and is not updated in Salesforce. We’ve added a… Read more »


Managed Objects / Automatic Record Updates Fastcall allows a record to be updated based on Call Result. For example, Lead Status may move to Contacted after a call. This automated update blocked the user from editing the call at the same time. We added a setting to allow the admin to choose one option or… Read more »


Fastcall Version 6.40 is here!  In Versions 6.40 you will find SMS in a thread view combined with the SMS  template merge feature; user-friendly UI for blocking an unwanted inbound phone number. We improved lead creation from the widget adding the option to pick your desired fields.  Fastcall’s commitment to Salesforce shows in our frequent… Read more »

How Dialers Increase Productivity In Salesforce

In sales, time is quite literally money. Every minute saved gives a sales team the opportunity to make more calls, prospect more leads, and bring in more revenue. In addition to using Salesforce to increase productivity, adding a dialer is another way for any sales team that uses a phone to increase productivity even more.… Read more »

Fastcall Inbound Call / SMS Lookup

Fastcall Inbound Call / SMS Lookup When an inbound call or SMS is received Fastcall creates the lookup if we find one Salesforce record with a matching phone number. If the phone number exists on more than one record – or say an Account and Contact – the user users must create the match. The… Read more »

Deep Dive: Twilio Connection in Fastcall

Fastcall gives you the option to connect Twilio to dial your outbound calls and/or route your inbound calls. SMS too! Fastcall is 100% installed in Salesforce. Native architecture gives us both a performance edge and an advantage in focus. With Fastcall, you create a direct account with Twilio and pay only for usage. We think… Read more »

OpenCTI and iFrames

By default, all standard Salesforce pages are protected against clickjacking. Salesforce allows you to extend this protection to custom Visualforce pages. Fastcall uses an iFrames within OpenCTI. Enabling the clickjack protection beyond the default will block the Fastcall softphone from loading. You will see the softphone utility in the footer (Lightning) but the frame is… Read more »

Fastcall Version 6.30

100% dedicated to Salesforce development, Fastcall is proud to be one of the most frequently updated apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. If you have any ideas for new features, please reach out to us at Improvements to call transfer SMS – templates, threaded messages and more Bug fixes and UI improvements Improved Fastcall support… Read more »

Fastcall Version 5.80

If you have any ideas for new features, please reach out to us at Missed call email IVR updates Improved phone provisioning Coming soon Omni-Channel Support (Beta) Improved ACD Routing Stop Call Recording Functionality Improved SMS Managed Object Fastcall Mobile for Android (beta) Do Not Call