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Unit – Installing the Fastcall Package

This Unit will take you through installing the Fastcall package from the Salesforce AppExchange. By the end of it, you will have installed Fastcall in your Salesforce Org and learned where you can see your Fastcall version number and license status.
Time estimate – About 10 mins.

Fastcall updates the AppExchange package frequently.

1. Go to the Fastcall in Salesforce AppExchange

From the AppExchange listing click ‘get it now’.
Note: Please be sure to review our pricing page and terms before you install the app.

3. Choose the installation environment (production or sbox)

4. Confirm the details

5. Install for admin only or all users
(Fastcall manages permissions so the choice does not matter)

6. Approve third-party access

Fastcall needs to communicate with Twilio in order to make and receive calls.

7. Wait for the installation to complete

This will take a few minutes and will probably result in the AppExchange notifying you by email.

8. Check the install has succeeded

Once complete, you should be redirected to “Installed Packages” in your Salesforce settings, where you can see your Fastcall version number and license status. There are ten licenses available. This is our user minimum in a production org; licenses are not required in a sandbox.
In the Salesforce App Launcher, search for ‘Fastcall’ to confirm the app is installed.

9. Fastcall License, Permission Sets and Salesforce Call Center File

The installing admin will be assigned a Fastcall application license, permission sets for user and admin; as well as a Call Center File. Please do not remove these items from your Salesforce User record. If you are going to add additional users at this step, do so in the Fastcall application. Details on users and licensing are here.

10. Fastcall Lightning Application

In Lightining, Fastcall will be available in the Fastcall application in the application menu. Fastcall can be added as a phone utility on your other Salesforce Lightning apps. Fastcall is also available in Salesforce Classic.

10. Twilio

As part of installation Fastcall connected to a Twilio subaccount. During the trial there is US $5 credit available. There are no additional steps required with Twilio. We have more information on Twilio and pricing here.

10. Salesforce Site

In the next step, you will create a Salesforce site and assign the site guest user a license, then you can make a few test calls.

This is also a great time to test Fastcall as a call logger (without Twilio and without dialing). You can confirm at this step that the Salesforce Task is created as expected. You can jump ahead and test now, or spend a few more minutes to create the Salesforce Site used by Twilio and test with a live call. One is faster; the other more thorough.

Last updated: Fastcall version 7.72, 2022-10-13

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