Improve & Track Your Team’s Internal Phone & Video Communication In Salesforce

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The First Salesforce App Of Its Kind

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A Phone, Video & SMS System 100% Built For Salesforce

Intercall - The First Salesforce App Of Its Kind

Intercall Is A Cutting-Edge Solution For Phone & Video Communication Between Team Members

When it comes to closing sales or knocking a client project out of the park, your internal conversations are just as important as your external conversations. Increase your productivity and accountability by empowering team members to communicate quickly and effectively, not only with clients, but also with each other.

An Easier Way To Reach Your Team By Phone


No Phone Extension - The First Salesforce App Of Its Kind

Clumsy phone extensions sheets that are consistently outdated

No Phone Book - The First Salesforce App Of Its Kind

Scrolling through your mobile phone to find a co-worker’s number

No Retries - The First Salesforce App Of Its Kind

Having to try a team member at multiple numbers before reaching them

Say Hello To Features Such As:

Video Calls

Streamline your video conferencing by holding virtual meetings within your Salesforce dashboard. All video calls will be tracked in your activity log, just like a regular call.

Video Calls - The First Salesforce App Of Its Kind

Screen Share - The First Salesforce App Of Its Kind

Screen Share

Share your computer screen while talking to your co-workers for improved productivity and enhanced communication.


Centralize your company phone directory in
Salesforce by enabling all employees to dial any team member with the click of a button, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go.

Click to Dial

Call Logging

Call Logging

Automatically log internal calls in Salesforce the way you would log any external sales or service conversations in a traditional external dialer.


Support contemporary, remote, or on-the-go work culture by programming phone calls to ring employees on their office, mobile, and Salesforce softphone at the same time.


Voicemail Drop

Voicemail Drop

Easily distribute important voicemail messages to relevant team members or company-wide with the click of a button.

Call Recording

Record calls for future reference, training, or to share with teammates.

Call Recording

An Enterprise Solution

Starting at just $5 per user, Intercall is a turnkey solution that can support all employees in an organization. The software can be used with most Salesforce licenses and is fully compatible with all existing phone and CTI applications.


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