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Unit – Seeing the Details of a Call with a Call Record

This unit is about the Salesforce custom record type ‘call’. If you’re looking for information about ‘call recordings’ as in the audio recording of a call, please go to the unit on  call recordings.

In this unit you will learn:

  • How Fastcall stores the details of inbound and outbound calls
  • How to view call details in a call record
  • What information is available about inbound and outbound calls via call records

This unit assumes you have completed the previous units in the Fastcall Basics module.

Fastcall and call records

Fastcall stores a lot of details about a call. It stores them on a set of Salesforce records, the most important one named ‘Call’, and the key details are copied to a Salesforce Task record. Fastcall will create one call record and one Task record per call.

This Unit assumes your Administrator has kept the default setup for Fastcall which creates both Task and call records. They may have turned off the creation of Task records, and/or made modifications to make it easier for you to access call records.

You can open the call record from the related task record by clicking on the ‘Call’ under ‘Task Details’.


This section shows key details about the call

Call name: A unique identifier for the call

Call ID: A unique identifier for the call made by Twilio

From phone: The phone number that made the call

To phone: The phone number to which the call was made

Call type: Inbound or outbound

Related Record Id: The record ID to which the call is related. [You can learn more about how Fastcall links call records to other records here](call_records_related_objects).

Status: The status of the call. Your administrator can configure different call statuses.

Reply to call: If this call is made in reply to another call, the original call is linked here.

Start Time: When the call started

End Time: When the call ended

Wait Time: How long the caller had to wait before the connection was made, in seconds

Connection duration: How long the connection lasted, in seconds

Direction: Inbound or outbound

Total Call Duration: The total length of the call, in seconds

Last Connection Information: This section shows the key details about the last connection made by the call. The connection is where you can see things you’ve entered in the Fastcall widget like notes, call result, etc.

User: The Salesforce user to whom the connection was made

Recording: A link to the recording of the connection on Twilio.

IVR: The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) used to handle the connection.

Location: This section shows physical location information about the call if any is available from Twilio.

Related objects: The call is related to connections, voicemails, and other calls.

Now you can continue with the next unit in the Fastcall Basics module.

Last updated: Fastcall version 8.0.0, 2023-03-22

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