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Unit – Getting Ready to Make a Call

In this unit, you’ll learn how to set up Fastcall to make an outbound call for the first time.

This unit assumes you’ve done the previous units in the module Fastcall Basics.

If the ‘phone widget says ‘Ready to test Fastcall?’ instead of ‘It’s super easy’ then your administrator needs to set up a phone number for you to use as outbound caller ID.

2. Click ‘Go’

3. Select a calling device

A calling device is a device that makes calls! This is the device that you’ll use to speak to the person you’re calling. Your administrator sets the calling devices that are available for you such as the Fastcall softphone, a SIP phone, you existong office phone. Fastcall does support using a mobile phone as a device but we do not recommend it for dialy calling.

4. Select a caller ID

The outbound caller ID will be shown to the person you’re calling. If a Fastcall number is set as caller ID the return calls will be ansered in Fastcall. If you are using a verified phone as caller ID, return calls will ring that device. Your administrator sets the caller IDs that are available for you.

5. Click ‘OK’

6. You are now ready to make outbound calls! This wizzard is a one-time setup. 

Please continue with the next unit in the module Fastcall Basics.

Last updated: Fastcall version 8.00, 2023-03-13

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