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Unit – IVR Action – Menu

This training unit covers how to configure the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Action ‘Menu’.


The IVR Action ‘Menu’ presents the caller with a menu of choices, where each choice is another IVR action. The settings for a Menu IVR are:

  • Introductory automated message: This is the message that plays before the menu. The message should say what the possible menu items are and which key to press, for example, “Welcome to Fastcall. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support.”
  • No answer IVR: This is the IVR to which the caller will be directed if nothing else happens
  • Menu Repeat Times: How many times the menu will repeat
  • Menu Wait Time: How long in seconds the menu will wait for a user input after playing

Finally, you can set multiple menu Items. Each item comprises a Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) digit (0-9, * and #. A-D are not used) and another IVR action. When the DTMF signal is received, the IVR action is activated.

TIP: Each if the menu option IVRs must be set up first. You create these IVRs then create the menu.

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.6, 2019-01-25

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