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Unit – IVR Action – Menu

This training unit covers configuring the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Action ‘Menu’.


The IVR Action ‘Menu’ presents the caller with a menu of choices, where each choice is another IVR action. The settings for a Menu IVR are:

  • Name – give the menu IVR a descriptive name
  • Available for call transfer. When enabled, the IVR can be used as a transfer option during a live call. A user transfers the call to this IVR.
  • Introductory automated message: This is the message that plays before the menu. The message should say the possible menu items and which key to press, for example, “Welcome to Fastcall. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support.”
  • No answer IVR: This is the IVR to which the caller will be directed if nothing else happens. REQUIRED.
  • Menu Repeat Times: How many times the menu will repeat.
  • Menu Wait Time: How long in seconds the menu will wait for a user input after playing the greeting.
  • Missed call owner can be a user or a queue.
  • Send missed call notifications.
  • Menu Items: Add the menu option (1,2,3) and the IVR related to the option. These IVRs should be created before the menu is set up.

Finally, you can set multiple menu Items. Each item comprises a Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) digit (0-9, * and #. A-D are not used) and another IVR action. When the DTMF signal is received, the IVR action is activated.

ivr details

Each of the menu options IVRs must be set up first. You create these IVRs then create the menu.

Other Fastcall IVR Options

Fastcall IVRs will listen for other options during the greeting. For example, if a Fastcall group has an extension, the caller can enter that while listening to the prompts. Or the caller can enter an employee extension.
“Thank you for calling. Please listen to the following options. If you know the extension of the person you want to reach, dial it at any time.”

Fastcall Groups Can Have Extensions

group details

Extension can be added to a group

Last updated: Fastcall v8.0.0, 2023-03-28

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