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Unit – SMS

This unit covers the basic Short Message Service (SMS) functionality of Fastcall. By the end of it, you will be able to send and receive SMS messages. This relies on your administrator setting up SMS functionality for you – it’s not available until they do this.

SMS on the widget

Recent SMS

Once SMS is enabled, your widget will have a new tab on the bottom for SMS. Clicking on this tab will enable you to see inbound SMS messages, and you can click on the message to see more.

Tip: You can phone reply to an inbound SMS (phone icon). And you can SMS to a phone call.

Tab Details

On the SMS detail screen, you have the option to navigate to the Salesforce Task.

Sending SMS messages

To send an SMS message, you can either:

  • Just click the phone number on any Salesforce record when the SMS tab is open on the widget
  • Use the dial pad
  • Reply to an existing message in the widget
  • You have the option to use a template as described below

Receiving SMS messages

When you receive an SMS message it will not cause a visual or audible notification. You need to check your messages tab on the widget.

You can choose to have SMS messages forwarded to your email or to another phone (these settings use your Salesforce User email and mobile phone number). These settings are found in Fastcall Settings > User Settings > Inbound Settings.

SMS Templates

SMS – Basic template

SMS Templates

You can speed things up by using SMS templates. These are added by yourself via Fastcall Settings > User Settings > SMS Templates, or by your administrator. Once you have a template, you can select it in the widget when composing an SMS message.

SMS – With Merge Fields

SMS has the availability to add basic merge fields in Templates. To create a new template add the name, user, and text. For merge fields, we will support common fields taken from the object you are messaging (Leads, Contacts, etc.) For example: Hello {!Name} can be used for Leads or Contacts.

When messaging a Contact, Account Name {!Account.Name} is on the Account. You can use {!FirstName}. You could not use this template with a Lead. When messaging a Lead {!FirstName} and {!Company} are both on the Lead. You could not use this merge with a Contact and Account. These templates are similar to email but limited to one object. We do not merge across multiple objects.

Add SMS Template

Go the object example lead, click on the number and then add the template from the menu to the body

Insert SMS Template

Last updated: Fastcall v6.8.4, 2020-08-17