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Outbound Contact Center Software Features

Accelerate Your Revenue and Streamline Your Workflow by Automating your Outbound Calls and Voicemail Messages

Dial by List


Meet Your Sales Call Goals

Make more calls and meet your daily outreach goals by choosing your leads for the day and then automating your outbound dials to them. Building your custom list is as easy as looking through your records and checking a box. During each Dial-By-List call, Fastcall will automatically populate your screen with the appropriate account information, so you can stay focused on selling.

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Save Time By Never Having To Manually Dial Phone Numbers

Fastcall turns the phone numbers of your Salesforce contacts into hyperlinks, enabling you to quickly and easily call your contacts with a mouse click. This simple change can shave enough seconds off each call that this one feature alone can save you more than 40 hours in a year.

Click to Dial

Voicemail Drop

Voicemail Drop

Leave Pre-Recorded Voicemails With The Click Of A Button

When you get a lead’s answering machine, Fastcall enables you to quickly leave a pre-recorded voicemail. You can hang up and move on to the next call, while Fastcall does the rest of the work for you. Pre-record multiple message options, so you can choose the message that makes the most sense for your lead, and set permissions so that multiple people within an organization can use the same message.

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Be Local

Get More People To Answer Your Calls

When you make a phone call with Fastcall, you can program it so that a local area code always shows on a prospect’s callerID. According to Salesforce, a local phone number makes people more likely to answer your call by 400%. More answers mean more opportunities to sell.

Local Caller Id
Worldwide Calling

Worldwide Calling

Conduct Business Around The World

We help businesses located worldwide affordably call and SMS message customers both locally and internationally. Scale your business and widen your customer base with easy international dialing.

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Call Recording

Record Your Calls To Improve Customer Service And Training Programs

Recording customer calls is an invaluable way to develop your sales and customer service teams. Get your new employees ready to be on the phone by having them listen to previous calls and coach your current team members by reviewing their actual customer conversations. Fastcall’s call recording functionality also allows agents to stop and resume call recording as needed.

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Call recording

Call Logging

Call Logging

Automatically Input All Of Your Phone Activity Into Salesforce

We help businesses located worldwide affordably Fastcall saves you hours of manual data input time and administrative work by automatically entering all of your phone and SMS activity for you. Automating your data entry in this way also ensures that there are no missed entries and your reports are 100% accurate.

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Your Reports Are 100% Accurate

Because Fastcall is native to Salesforce, there is no need to connect via the Salesforce API. This means there is NO lag time between syncing servers and all your data is always 100% up-to-date and accurate.

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Listen In

Listen In

Managers Can Listen To Live Customer Calls

Fastcall empowers your management team to listen to customer calls as they are happening, either on mute or as a participant. This allows managers to train and coach teams more efficiently – whether team members are new or veterans – and to get a sense of what is happening on the sales floor in real-time.

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100% Salesforce

As a native application, Fastcall creates a task for each call in real-time without using the Salesforce API.

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I did extensive research and Fastcall is the only Salesforce native phone application.

Timothy Ericson - Zagster
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– Timothy Ericson

Founder, Zagster

Since installing Fastcall, my calling productivity and results have literally increased by 30-40%… there is no doubt this app is worth every penny.

Kenneth Herskind

– Kenneth Herskind

Senior Investment Associate, ACRE Investment Real Estate Services

Fastcall is by far the best solution for call management within Salesforce. We know because we’ve tried them all!

Steve Cairney - mag
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– Steve Cairney

Head of Internal Development, Media Agency Group

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