This training unit covers Fastcall’s call transfer functionality. This will need to be enabled by your administrator, as it’s not enabled by default. Your administrator will also tell you if you’re using Warm or Cold transfers, and if they’re enabled on inbound and/or outbound calls.

Use the widget to make a transfer

When you’re on a call, the Fastcall widget will display a ‘Transfer / Conference’ option on the ‘Action’ tab (the third one down). Clicking this will allow you to choose where to transfer the call to from one of four categories:

  • Fastcall Users – this is a list of currently available Fastcall Users
  • Salesforce Users – this is a list of any Salesforce Users with phone numbers set who are not also Fastcall Users
  • Groups – this is a list of Fastcall groups
  • Phone Numbers – this is a list of phone numbers set by your administrator

You can then search for or choose the transfer target from within that category

Cold transfers

If you’re making a cold transfer, you will be disconnected from the call at this point. You can finish your notes and record the call result as usual.

Warm transfer

If you’re making a warm transfer, the other party will be connected in and you can then choose whether to stay or hang up. When you hang up, you can finish your notes and record the call result as usual.

Transfers and logging

Fastcall will create a Connection object for each leg of the Call. Since the call results and notes are stored on the Connection, not the Call, each User involved with the call can add their own results and notes. The last one to hang up will appear in the ‘Last connection information’ on the Call object.

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.2, 2019-01-14