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Unit – Transferring Calls

This training unit covers Fastcall’s call transfer functionality. This will need to be enabled by your administrator, as it’s not enabled by default. Your administrator will also tell you if you’re using Warm or Cold transfers and if they’re enabled on inbound and/or outbound calls.

Use the widget to make a transfer

Screenshot of the Fastcall widget displaying the "Transfer" button during a call

When you’re on a call, the Fastcall widget will display a ‘Transfer’ button on the ‘Actions footer’. Clicking this will allow you to choose where to transfer the call from one of five categories:

1- Fastcall Users 

Lists all available Fastcall users and transfers your call to the defined inbound call route for that user; just as the user would receive an inbound call. A transferred call can be sent to a Fastcall user with simulring or overflow, for example. The receiving user must have an inbound route setup.

Transfer to Fastcall Users
  • Shows all users Online and offline.
  • Option for voicemail in cold transfer when offline.
  • Options to select an inbound route and send a note to the user.

2 – Salesforce Users

This is a list of any Salesforce Users with phone numbers set who are not also Fastcall Users. Fastcall will present the phones listed in the Salesforce user record. These users cannot answer on the Fastcall softphone.

Transfer for Salesforce Users
  • When transferring to a Salesforce user you can select the phone number to transfer.

3 – Groups

Will transfer the call to a Fastcall group as defined in the IVR setup. For example, transfer to support.

Transfer to Groups
  • List of members with status and option to send a note.

4 – Phone Numbers

Transfer to a fixed phone as is set in call transfer settings. For example, transfer to your receptionist, or a call center.

Transfer to Phone Numbers

5 – IVR 

A user can transfer a call to an IVR if this option is enabled in the IVR setting.

Transfer to IVRs
  • Option to add a note to IVR

You can then search for or choose the transfer target from within that category

Cold transfers

If you’re making a cold transfer, you will be disconnected from the call at this point. You can finish your notes and record the call result as usual.

Cold Transfer

Warm transfer

If you’re making a warm transfer, the other party will be connected in and you can then choose whether to stay, hang up or kick the transfer target. When you hang up, you can finish your notes and record the call result as usual.

Warm transfer

Hold functions

These buttons are both “hold” functions.

  • The bottom puts the entire call on hold.
  • The top allows the call to be transferred with the caller on hold.
Hold Buttons

Transfers and logging

Fastcall will create a Connection object for each leg of the Call. Since the call results and notes are stored on the Connection, not the Call, each User involved with the call can add their own results and notes. The last one to hang up will appear in the ‘Last connection information’ on the Call object.

NOTE: Calls transferred to Fastcall users will follow the user route as set in Fastcall. Fastcall users are shown when they are available. Fastcall users have a user status that controls inbound and transferred calls.
Calls transferred to Salesforce users do not have user status (no softphone). If the Salesforce user does not have a phone set on the Salesforce user record they are not shown as a transfer option.

Last updated: Fastcall v8.2.8, 2023-08-29

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