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Unit – Provisioning Phone Numbers

In this unit, you will learn about Provisioned and Verified phone numbers.

Provisioned vs Verified phone numbers

Provisioned phone numbers

Phone numbers that have been provisioned with Fastcall (via Twilio.) You can use these to route incoming calls, and as caller ID on outbound calls.

  • Oubound Caller ID
  • Route Inbound Calls

Verified phone numbers

Phone numbers that you already own, for example, your mobile or office landline, and have ‘verified’ with Twilio. You can use these as caller ID on outbound calls, but you can’t take inbound calls on a verified phone number via Fastcall.

  • Oubound Caller ID
  • Route Inbound Calls

When you provision a phone number, you are licensing it on a monthly basis. See Twilio’s pricing page for details.

How to provision a phone number

On the “Phone Numbers” settings tab, click “Provision New Phone Number”.

Select a phone number

Select a new number using the provided controls. You can filter by:

  • Specific digits or phrases
  • Country
  • Area code
  • Type (local, mobile, toll-free)
  • Capabilities (voice, SMS)

Once you have filtered for some numbers and these have been retrieved from Twilio, you can quickly search within the table of numbers by typing in the “search control”.
Once you have chosen a number, click it.

Provisioning New Phone Number

Set the settings for the phone number

You can set the initial settings for this phone number at this stage, or edit them later. These settings are covered in this training unit.

Click save

When you click save the number will be provisioned.

It is important that you complete these steps in Fastcall and not directly in Twilio. Phone numbers are provisioned in the Twilio sub-account as described on the Twilio setup page.

Porting phone numbers

It may be possible to port existing phones to Twilio. The first step is to contact the “losing” carrier to ask if they allow this. Once you have confirmed the losing carrier will allow a “port away, ” contact Fastcall via a case. The unit provides additional details about how to sync the ported numbers to the Twilio subaccount created by Fastcall.

ADVANCED: Upload an Identity Document for a Twilio Number in Fastcall

A few countries require written address documentation (Germany, Italy, and others.) Please note these are government requirements that Twilio must follow. Twilio guidelines are found here. Fastcall will walk you through the steps to follow Twilio guidelines.

  • Fastcall Admin Settings
  • Navigate to Phone Numbers –> Regulatory Compliance
  • Click the plus + to add a new identity document
  • Provide the required information (depending on the country):
    • Name of individual and/or entity registering the phone numbers
    • Details about the individual or entity as required in the form
    • Address, if prompted
    • Scanned copy of supporting identification documents.
      • Please note – the supporting identification documents must contain the same information as the required details
  • Submit form
  • Wait for the document to pass verification (up to 48 hours)

Last updated: Fastcall version 7.72, 2022-08-02

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