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Getting Started


The Fastcall Subscriber API is intended for Developers & System Integrators, and enables the usage of Fastcall features, in a programmatic way, from within your own Salesforce instance. You can send and receive calls, and send and receive SMS & MMS messages, via custom Apex code, the Process Builder and Flows, and the Salesforce REST API.

System Requirements

  • A Salesforce instance running on Enterprise Edition, or above.
  • Fastcall needs to be installed in your Salesforce instance.
  • The user invoking the Apex or @invocable methods needs to be assigned a Fastcall license, and the Fastcall User permission set included in the AppExchange managed package. NOTE: the user that installed the package, and the users provisioned through Fastcall’s User Panel in the Fastcall Settings page, should have the license and the permission set assigned already.