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Unit – The Fastcall Widget – Recording Call Details

This unit is about to to use the Fastcall widget to record the details of a call. There are separate units covering “how Fastcall can make audio recordings of a call” and “the custom record type, ‘call'”.

In this unit, you will learn more about how to use the Fastcall widget to record the details of a call.

This unit assumes you have completed the previous units in the Fastcall Basics module.


You’ve already seen how to close a task and record a call result when finishing an outbound or inbound call. By default, at the end of every call, you will only need to close the task and choose a call result. However, the Fastcall widget helps you do more than this.

During and after a call the Fastcall widget will show a set of controls to allow you to:

  • Write notes about the call
  • Link the call record to other Salesforce records
  • Record the call result
  • Create a new lead record
  • View your call stats

These controls set details which are then stored on the task and call records in Salesforce.

The exact contents, defaults and behaviour of these controls can be modified by your administrator. This unit assumes the default settings.


This panel allows you to:

  • Change the record to which the call is related.
  • Mute the call or access the dial pad, if the call is in progress
  • Change the subject of the call
  • Write notes about the call


This allows you to link the call to other records such as cases, opportunities, and other contacts if your administrator has enabled this; and some actions like Call Transfer or Drop Voicemail.

Call result

This panel allows you to choose a call result

Modify Record

This panel allows you to edit the existing record or create a new one.


This panel shows your call stats

Last updated: Fastcall version 7.60, 2022-04-12

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