This unit explains how to manage licenses in Fastcall and where the various related functions are found.


Fastcall is priced on a per-user basis, with user licenses managed in Salesforce and billing handled through Salesforce Checkout. For more detail on license types and costs, see our plans and pricing page.

To use Fastcall, a Salesforce user must have a Fastcall license assigned to them – this includes users who will be administrating Fastcall but not necessarily using it for calls. A Fastcall license must also be assigned to the Fastcall Site Guest User, because Salesforce.

Therefore you’re going to need the following number of licenses:

  • One for your Fastcall Site Guest User
  • One for each Salesforce user who will be using Fastcall for calls
  • (Optional) One for each Salesforce user who will be administering Fastcall but not using it for calls

Managing licenses

Navigate to Fastcall Settings > Fastcall Subscription and open the ‘Licesense & Billing’ tab. From here you can:

  • Review your licenses
  • Manage your licenses (via the AppExchange)
  • Uninstall Fastcall
  • Change your billing credit card (via the AppExchange)
  • Request a copy of an invoice