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Unit – Phone numbers

In this unit, you will learn how to see which phone numbers you have assigned to you in Fastcall, and how to verify a new phone number in Fastcall for use as caller ID. You’ll also learn the difference between ‘verified’ and ‘provisioned’ phone numbers.

‘Verified’ vs ‘Provisioned’ phone numbers

Verified phone numbers

Phone numbers that you already own, for example, your mobile or office landline, and have ‘verified’ with Twilio. You can use these as caller ID on outbound calls, but you can’t take inbound calls on a verified phone number via Fastcall.

  • Oubound Caller ID
  • Take Inbound Calls

Provisioned phone numbers

Phone numbers that have been bought through Twilio. You can use these to take incoming calls, and as caller ID on outbound calls.

  • Oubound Caller ID
  • Take Inbound Calls

User Phone settings

You access these settings via Fastcall Settings > My Settings > User Phones. Here you can see a list of all verified and provisioned phone numbers that are assigned to you.

Only your administrator can provision new numbers for you, but you can verify your own ones. For example, you may wish to be able to use your work mobile as caller ID.

Verifying a phone number

Click the ‘+’ button in the table, then enter a label for the number and the number itself.

Screenshot of the Fastcall "User Phones" setting details
Screenshot of the Fastcall "Verify New Phone Number" setting

Fastcall will ring the number and you will have to enter the displayed verification code.

Screenshot of the Fastcall verification code

You now have a new verified phone number available in the Widget.

Last updated: Fastcall version 8.2.0, 2023-07-14

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