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Unit – Getting Ready to Receive a Call

In this unit, you will learn how to get ready to receive calls in Fastcall. This includes checking your account settings, where you control your inbound routing and used phones.

This unit assumes you have completed the previous units in the module Fastcall Basics.

1. Open your account settings

Open the Fastcall widget, open the widget menu, and choose ‘Account Settings’.

Account Settings

2. Go to inbound settings

Inbound routing controls how inbound calls to you are handled.

Your administrator may have already set up an inbound call receiver for you. If you want to receive calls, you’ll need at least one inbound call receiver configured.

3. Add a new inbound call receiver

Press the plus icon to add a new inbound call receiver. An inbound call receiver is a method for receiving inbound calls.

Add new Inbound Call Recorder

4. Choose the device

Choose the device you want to ‘Receive Calls In’ and click ‘Save’

5. Go to user phones

User phones control the various devices and numbers you can use to make or receive calls.

6. Get your phone number

You can receive calls on any phone number that’s set up for inbound routing. You’re going to need this phone number for the next unit!

Your administrator should have already set up at least one user phone for you. If you want to receive calls, you’ll need at least one user phone configured.

Please continue with the next unit in the Fastcall Basics module.

Last updated: Fastcall version 6.8.4, 2020-08-02