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Unit – Phone Number Assignment

In this unit, you’ll learn about the different options to assign provisioned and verified phone numbers.

Fastcall Phone Set Up

Both provisioned and verified phone numbers have the following settings in common:

Phone Details

  • Phone – This is the number
  • Phone Type – verified or provisioned
  • Label – A user-friendly label
  • Notes – More information about the number
  • Provisioned or verified date time – When it was set up
  • Delete phone – Remove the phone number from Fastcall
Phone Details


  • Available for – Unassigned, User or Group
  • User or Group – The user or group to which the number is assigned
  • Visible in the widget – If the phone number appears in the widget as selectable for Caller ID
assignment screenshot

Provisioned Phone Numbers Only

Phone Details

  • Ringtone Country – you can change the ringtone to be that of a specific country here
  • Capabilities – Voice and/or SMS

Inbound Routing

If the phone number is assigned to a single user as Caller ID, inbound calls *to* that number will be routed to the user.
You can select the Interactive Voice Response that handles inbound calls to this number here.

Inbound Routing

SMS settings

You can turn on the ability to receive SMS messages at this number here if the number supports it.

SMS Settings

Regulatory Compliance

To use phone numbers in many countries you must adhere to local country regulations. Read about Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance


If the phone is associated with a Salesforce Campaign we will report the Campaign name in our Salesforce reports.


Last updated: Fastcall version 7.72, 2022-10-31

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