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Unit – Managing Features

In this unit, you’ll learn how to manage your Fastcall capabilities.


To avoid drowning our users in complexity, a lot of our features are turned off by default. In order to activate capabilities, you will grant Fastcall support login access to your Salesforce account, as the features are controlled from Protected Settings belonging to the Fastcall App in your Salesforce org.

Fastcall edition

In the Fastcall settings menu, navigate to Admin Settings > Fastcall Subscription and open the ‘Licenses & Billing’ tab. You can see the Fastcall edition here.

Package & Capabilities

Change to the ‘Package & Capabilities’ tab. Here you can see all the capabilities that are enabled. Clicking ‘Enable’ next to a capability will send a notification to Fastcall support that you want to upgrade this capability. Fastcall has renamed the “Sales+ Edtion” to “Pro Edition”. Same idea. These require support access to enable.

You must Grant Account Login Access to Fastcall support otherwise we cannot make the upgrade for you. We suggest you do this as soon as you request the upgrade to speed things along. Please see the training unit on this topic if you don’t know how to do this.

Once the capabilities are enabled by Fastcall support, you will receive an email confirmation.

Last updated: 2020-11-03, Fastcall version 6.88

Chat with an Expert

Fastcall is available for chat in the:

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