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Phone, SMS, Video, and Screen Share 100% Exclusively Built For Salesforce


Fastcall Is A Salesforce CTI Solution For The Modern Business

Fastcall works with multiple devices and channels

Multiple Devices And Paltforms
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Get Nearly ONE MONTH Worth Of Time BACK Per Sales Person

Fastcall eliminates the need for time-intensive manual tasks with features like instant phone call/SMS logging and voicemail drop.


Need a Custom Feature? We Can Build It For You!

Our R+D team can custom program personalized features to fit our users’ specific needs



Callme salesforce app
BY Fastcall Salesforce Dialer

Turbocharge your web-to-lead form by giving your visitors real-time callback estimates based on current agent availability.


Fastcall Boasts The Most Frequent Updates In The AppExchange

The last release date is critical for any software. You expect applications to be maintained, fixed, and improved.

Salesforce releases 3 major updates each year: Summer, Spring, and Winter.

You want your partner application to keep up with Salesforce.

Improve & Track Your Team’s Internal Phone & Video Communication In Salesforce

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BY Fastcall Salesforce Dialer

Keep Your Team Connected in The Office Or Working Remote

A Cutting-Edge Solution For Phone & Video Communication Between Team Members

A One-Of-A-Kind Solution For Communication Between Team Members

A turnkey solution that can support all employees in an organization

We Are Salesforce Subject Matter Experts…
And Our Ratings Prove It

...The customer service alone was worth the five-star rating.

- Rachel Goldstein

VP of B2B Operations, Underground Elephant

I did extensive research and Fastcall is the only Salesforce native phone application.

- Timothy Ericson

Founder, Zagster

Since installing Fastcall, my calling productivity and results have literally increased by 30-40%... there is no doubt this app is worth every penny.

- Kenneth Herskind

Senior Investment Associate, ACRE Investment Real Estate Services

Fastcall is by far the best solution for call management within Salesforce. We know because we’ve tried them all!

- Steve Cairney

Head of Internal Development, Media Agency Group

Our sales reps have doubled the amount of calls per week using Fastcall.

- Brendan Murray

Salesforce Admin, The Word Among Us

Experience The Fastcall CTI Difference

Give your sales team their time back.

Explore Fastcall’s Suite Of Products Designed To Increase Your Sales & Service Productivity

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A Salesforce app designed to increase productivity & streamline phone communication among team members within an organization

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