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Unit – Testing Call Logging

This unit will take you through the first test call either dialing with the Fastcall softphone or using the call logging functionality. We want you to confirm that the application is functioning properly and that your Fastcall installation has succeeded. You will also learn how Fastcall ‘looks and feels’ to a user.

This unit assumes you have completed the previous units in the Fastcall Setup module.

1. Launch the Fastcall Lightning App

From the Salesforce App Launcher, start the Fastcall Lightning App.

Screenshot of the Fastcall Lightning app launcher

2. Open the Fastcall from the Salesforce utility bar (footer)

Fastcall appears in the bottom left of the screen. In Classic Fastcall is in the sidebar.
(This is Salesforce Open CTI, btw)

3. We give some basic steps for the first time user

If you created the Salesforce site and assigned the provisioned phone you will also see an option for the Fastcall softphone. Otherwise, only the call logger is available. Devices are set for outbound calls. Further along in setup, you will see options for softphone, call logger, office phone mobile and/or a SIP phone.

Three basic steps to set up a Fastcall user for the first time

Press ‘Go’

Choose ‘Yes, use the call logger’ or select the softphone.

4. Find a phone number to call

Open a Lead and click the phone number. With the softphone, your browser will need access. Like any other browser phone. Once granted, you will dial an outbound call using your headset. Your provisioned or verified phone will be the outbound caller ID.

Keep in mind if you have an option to log a call, and not dial. Fastcall uses this for testing and also to log calls dialed elsewhere example a conference call.

5. Call is logged in Salesforce

Screenshot of Fastcall call registration in Salesforce

Fastcall logs the call in Salesforce

6. Close the Salesforce Task

7. Record the Call Result

8. Confirm the call log has been made

At this stage, the widget should show a single call log.

Screenshot of a single call log

You can learn much more about Fastcall capabilities and call logging in the units covering these topics. For now, continue with the next unit on editing your Salesforce page layouts.

Last updated: Fastcall version 8.0.0, 2023-03-22

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