This unit covers the settings that control the way Fastcall creates Task Records when calls take place.


Fastcall stores information about calls in Call Records and, optionally Task Records. You can control whether Fastcall creates Task Records at all via these settings. Fastcall can also create Tasks for things that are not strictly logs of calls – for example, tasks reminding users to fix a wrong number or to return a call.

The Tasks settings are found under Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Logging > Tasks.

General Settings

In order for these functions to work, ‘Create Tasks for Completed Calls’ must be turned on.

The General Settings tab allows you to control whether Tasks are created at all. You can also restrict Fastcall so that it only creates Tasks in specific circumstances – for example, you may wish to use the Call Records in most cases and not create a Task Record for a completed call, but still create Tasks to remind your users about Missed Calls and Wrong Numbers.

If you are using Tasks to view call information, it’s probably a good idea to turn on ‘Store Notes on Task’.


The Fields tab allows you to control additional options on the Widget. You can add a setting to create follow up actions, which can also be given a priority. Other picklists present on the Task object will be displayed here to enable you to toggle them in the Widget.


The Status tab controls which Status is assigned to Tasks under given circumstances. The status values come from the picklist on the Task object.

Last updated: Fastcall version v6.0.2, 2019-01-08