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Unit – Logging – Tasks

This unit covers the settings that control the way Fastcall creates Task Records when calls take place.


With the most common setup, Fastcall logs call to the Salesforce Task Records.

The Tasks settings are found under Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Logging > Tasks.

General Settings

To reveal the individual options ‘Create Tasks for Completed Calls’ must be turned on. When off, Fastcall will not create a Salesforce Task for each call.

tasks general settings

You can also restrict Fastcall so that it only creates Tasks in specific circumstances – for example, you may wish to use the Call Records in most cases and not create a Task Record for a completed call, but still create Tasks to remind your users about Missed Calls and Wrong Numbers.

The Salesforce standard Comments field is long text and cannot be shown in a related list. ‘Store Notes on Task’ copies the Comments to a custom field so they can be added to your related list.


fields settings

A detailed log for each Call, SMS & Voicemail is provided in the corresponding custom object from the Fastcall package. Additionally, you can instruct Fastcall to store some data items on the standard Task record. The mapped Task fields must be editable. Otherwise, have Fastcall create the field.

Fastcall will also show all custom picklist fields in your org. When selected, these will be displayed in the Widget.


status settings

The Status tab controls which Status is assigned to Tasks under given circumstances. The status values come from the picklist on the Task object.


You can navigate to the Task from the Interaction Thread by clicking on a Call or SMS. This will open the task in a Salesforce tab.

how to navigate to the task from the widget

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Last updated: Fastcall version v8.0.0, 2023-03-24

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