In this unit you’ll learn your way around the Fastcall widget. The widget is the main way you interact with Fastcall.

How to open the Fastcall widget

The widget is available in the left footer of the Fastcall Lightning app, the left sidebar of Salesforce Classic, or the right footer of the sales console.

Fastcall widget layout

The top of the widget shows the following controls:

  • Menu – for accessing settings
  • Availability – for changing your availability
  • Context-sensitive messages – shows key information about the widget

The widget has three tabs, controlled by the buttons at the bottom:

  • Phone – shows a list of calls
  • Dial pad – shows a dial pad
  • Stats – shows statistics about your calls


This allows you to change your availability to receive inbound calls.

Context sensitive messages

These provide quick hints about the functionality of the widget you’re currently using.

Phone tab

This shows a list of calls, voicemails and SMS messages. You can click on each one to see more.

Fastcall widget menu

The menu allows you to quickly access settings used to control Fastcall. The settings are:

Calling Device

Allows you to change the device you use to make calls.

Audio Settings

You can use this to change the audio input and output devices in use by the softphone

Caller ID

Allows you to change the caller ID displayed when you make calls with the softphone.

Call Recording

Allows you to toggle call recording on or off.

Account Settings

Links to the main Fastcall settings menu

Twilio Diagnostics

A handy tool for checking your setup for using the softphone


Raise a ticket with Fastcall. Whilst we’re always happy to help, try talking to your administrator first, as they may have already encountered the problem.


Access the Fastcall help resources

Call record

Here you can see some high-level details about the call. You can:

  • Change the record to which the call is related.
  • See the type, status, time, and phone numbers involved in the call
  • Use the ‘Call Navigator’ to see related calls
  • Return the call
  • Listen to a voicemail
  • Reply with an SMS
  • View the task or call record
  • Delete the record of the call

Dial pad

This is a dial pad for the softphone. It also allows you to send SMS messages if this is enabled.


This allows you to see your stats and goals.

You can now continue with the other units in the Fastcall Basics module.

Last updated: Fastcall version 5.8.4, 2018-11-04