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Unit – VoIP Integration

This unit will take you through setting up the Fastcall Service to enable integration between Fastcall and Twilio.


The Fastcall Service is required for Fastcall to communicate with Twilio.

1. VoIP Settings

Under Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > VoIP Settings.

Click on the “Connect” button to connect to the Fastcall Service.

2. Allow Access

The Fastcall Service integration requires that a user in Salesforce grants it access. This user is typically a Salesforce Administrator and it must have assigned the following 2 permission sets:

  • Fastcall Administrator
  • Fastcall Custom Permissions

Salesforce will ask for your consent to allow the Fastcall Service to access your Salesforce instance.

3. Enable the Fastcall VoIP Service

After completing the steps above, the Status will switch to Connected. And you will see a new toggle button that says ‘Enable Fastcall VoIP Service’, under the same Fastcall Service section.

Click on the toggle to Enable the Fastcall Service.

All interactions with the VoIP service will use your current user profile (Fastcall Administrator).

The ‘Refresh Connection’ button should only be used if requested by the Fastcall Support team.

If you want to use Sites instead of the Fastcall Service, it has to be enabled via a Capability by Fastcall Support.

You can now continue with the next unit in the Fastcall Setup module.

Last updated: Fastcall version 8.2.6, 2023-08-11

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