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Unit – Regional Settings

This unit covers the regional settings of Fastcall. As well as setting the appropriate country codes, these also contain a set of features to help users in the US and Canada. Regional settings are controlled from Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Regional Settings

Country Code

Fastcall supports an org-wide default country code. This will affect how numbers without an explicit country code are dialed – see the troubleshooting guide unit on international dialing for more information. The org-wide setting can be overridden by an individual user’s country code setting.

BeLocal (for US & Canada only)

BeLocal will cause Fastcall to dial numbers and use a local caller ID on outbound calls, matching the area code. It will look through all available Caller IDs for the user, so you will have to provision specific phone numbers and assign them as Caller IDs for this to work.

Settings by area codes (for US & Canada only)

This allows you to turn call recording on or off depending on the area code in order to comply with state-specific recording laws

new area code settings

After hours alert (for US & Canada only)

The after-hours alert will cause an alert to be displayed to a user if they’re calling a phone number within the defined night time period in the time zone for that number.

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.2, 2019-01-11

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