This module will take you through the configuration of Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs). By the end of it you will be in a position to configure IVRs for your organization.


IVRs are used to add logic to the way Fastcall handles inbound calls, such as presenting callers with a menu or directory. As such, they will need configuring to your specific business processes. They are configured through Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Call Handling > Interactive Voice Responses.

Actions vs Flows

The standard IVR is just a single ‘Action’. A ‘Flow’ groups several Actions in a separate context (Actions become ‘private’ to that Flow) but we recommend you try to achieve what you need by using Actions on their own first – you’ll find that most Actions allow you to connect to other Actions.


IVRs make extensive use of Messages. You’ll find more information in the separate training unit on Messages.

Units in this module

There are multiple possible IVR Actions. Each has its own separate training unit:

  • Play Directory
  • Call Transfer:
    • Round Robin (basic)
    • Simulring (has some limitations)
    • Round Robin Queue
  • Menu
  • Voicemail
  • Time-Based Routing

Worked example

The interactions between IVRs can be detailed. We suggest that you outline what you’re trying to achieve and email this to us.

Let’s do an easy example – a small company with a public inbound phone line. They have a couple of sales agents and a receptionist working from 9 to 5, and their goal is to make sure new customers calling in get to speak to any human as soon as possible, whilst existing customers get to their allocated account manager without bothering other people. This can be measured by inbound call pickup rate.

To achieve this we’ll take the following steps:

  1. Create a new Group ‘Inbound call takers’ with the Sales Agents and the Receptionist.
  2. Create an IVR Voicemail Action (‘Inbound voicemail’) and assign it to the Group ‘Inbound call takers’.
  3. Create an IVR Transfer Action (‘Transfer to inbound call takers’) and set the target as the Group ‘Inbound call takers’ with the No Answer IVR ‘Inbound voicemail’
  4. Create an IVR Transfer Action (‘Transfer to account manager’) and set the target as the Record owner with the No Answer IVR ‘Inbound voicemail’
  5. Create an IVR Menu Action (‘Inbound menu’) with two items – one for new enquiries that goes to ‘Transfer to inbound call takers’, one for existing accounts that goes to ‘Transfer to account manager’
  6. Create an IVR Action for Time Based Routing. This will default to a voicemail box belonging to the Group ‘Inbound call takers’. Between 9 and 5 on weekdays, it will go to the menu action ‘Inbound menu’.

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.6, 2019-05-14