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Unit – Messages

This training unit explains Fastcall Messages. This functionality is used throughout Fastcall, most notably by Voicemail and by Interactive Voice Responses.


Messages are short pieces of audio that are played to a caller, for example an introductory greeting. They are not to be confused with SMS Messages or Voicemails. Messages are controlled through either Fastcall Settings > My Settings > Messages (for messages accessible to the current user) or through Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Recorded Messages (for all messages)

To view your messages, click on My Settings > Messages. Here you can see all of the messages assigned to you, and you can also play back those of type ‘recording’ or ‘audio file’. You can delete a message by clicking the ‘x’ icon.

Recorded messages setting

You can add a message to use yourself by clicking on the plus icon and filling out name, notes, and selecting a type, and providing the necessary information to create a message of that type (see ‘Types of message’).

Ownership of Messages

Messages can be assigned to a User or a Group. If a message is assigned to a Group, it is available for use by all members of the Group. An administrator can control all messages.

Message settings

Messages need a name, an assignment (either a User or a Group), and a type. You can also add notes about the Message.

message detail page

Also, you can add some tags to messages to better organize them. In Recorded Messages settings you will be able to filter the list by tags.

filter messages by tags

Types of Message

There are four types of messages: Text, Phone Recording, Computer Recording, and Audio File.

types of messages screenshot

The best one to use for most circumstances is the ‘recording’ message type.

Text messages

Not to be confused with SMS messages, a message of type ‘text’ is read out by a computer generated voice. You make the message by typing the words into the ‘Text for VM Message’ field.

Phone Recording messages

A message of type ‘phone recording’ is made as follows: A call is made to a phone number, you pick up the phone, record the message, and hang up. You specify which number to call in the ‘Select phone to dial’ and ‘phone to dial’ fields.

Computer Recording messages

You can record the message by clicking on the red record button.

recording mesage screenshot

Audio file messages

Audio messages are subject to many factors outside Fastcall’s control, such as file size, file encoding, hosting speed, authentication on the hosting provider, etc. Please contact Fastcall support for help with Audio messages.

A message of type ‘audio file’ is made by providing a link to an audio file hosted on the Internet. The file will become the message.

The file must be in the format:

The file can be in any directory, but it must end in “.mp3”

Dropbox, Google Docs, etc., may not give the file in this format.

Last updated: Fastcall v8.2.8, 2023-09-05

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