This unit explains how to manage your users in Fastcall. By the end of it, you will be able to add and remove them. (V)

Users Panel

Navigate to Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Users Panel. The Users Panel lets you see all your Fastcall users. You can click on one of them to edit their details

Adding a user

Click the plus icon in the top right of the Users Panel. This will allow you to select one or more Salesforce users to create Fastcall users from.

Removing a user

Click on any Fastcall user in the User Panel to access their User Settings page. Under the ‘User Settings’ section, you can ‘Release User’.

Several Fastcall features and settings (for example, phone numbers, group memberships or recorded messages) will prevent you from releasing a user until they are cleared. Fastcall will prompt you to remove them at this point.

Mass Editing users

If you select multiple users with the checkboxes in the Users Panel, you can use the ‘Mass Edit’ button in the top right to change multiple settings simultaneously. These settings include:

  • Call receivers settings
  • Regional settings
  • Call recording settings
  • Voicemail settings

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.3, 2018-12-27