In this unit you’re going to learn:

  • How to control call recording
  • How to add a disclosure message
  • How to prevent your users disabling call recording
  • Security considerations about call records

Call recording settings

Call recording settings are found in Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Call Handling > Training Tools > Call Recording.

You can turn call recording on separately for inbound and outbound calls.

“Dual channel recording” splits the recording, so that one party is on the ‘left’ side of the recording and one on the ‘right’. This is useful for editing the recording.

“Recording indicator in widget” displays a notification to the user that the call is being recorded.

“Allow users to turn off recording” does what it says.

“Delete recordings older than” allows you to purge recordings in line with your data retention policies.

“Play disclosure” allows you to select a message to be played before the call starts.

Where call recordings are stored

Call recordings are stored on Twilio, not on your Salesforce Org. Fastcall puts a link to the recording into the call record on your Salesforce Org.

Add call recording to the Salesforce Task page layout

Edit your Salesforce Task page layout to add the call recording URL to the page. You can use Salesforce Profiles to limit access to the page layout.

Delete call recording button and history tracking

Fastcall has a custom button to delete a call recording in Twilio. The button can be added to the custom object for Calls and as above can be limited by Profile. When the Salesforce Task is deleted the call recording is not deleted in Twilio. The call recording is only deleted by API. You can set Field History Tracking on the call recording field on the call object to know the date and user deleting a call recording.

By default, recordings have no access control on them. This means that anyone with the link can listen to the recording. Make sure you have understood and accept this before turning on call recording. You can limit access to call recordings via your Twilio dashboard by setting ‘Enforce HTTP Auth on Media URLs’, but this may interfere with voicemail messages and will make it impossible for your users to listen to call recordings without authentication details from Twilio.

Last updated: 2019-05-13, Fastcall version 5.8.4