Fastcall Call Result

Fastcall gives the option to add a call result icon to the widget, and call result can either end the call, or a separate end call icon can be added to the widget. These settings are listed under Call Termination.

Call results can be used in conjunction with Call Score. Gave a demo? Then the call goal can be met. Fastcall will set a status field on the custom object for Call Score. For example, “Lead Contacted.”

  • Call results can be set on the Salesforce Subject line.
  • Call results can be tied to call durations.
  • Call under 2 minutes? Fastcall can automatically set the call result to “no contact”
  • Over 5 mins? Set call result to “contacted”
  • Call results can also be associated to a specific Salesforce Object, such as the Account shown below.
  • This call result will only been viewable when calling Accounts.

Call Result Settings

Call Results Details

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