Ready to learn about a Salesforce test drive? Fastcall gives a few ways to learn about our app. You can read our detailed feature pages, watch demo videos or hands-on explore our Salesforce-native phone application with a trial or test drive.

In this post, we will get you ready for a test drive. Let’s go!

Estimated times

  1. Test drive: 1 min to sign in and 5-10 mins to explore
  2. Demo videos: 5-10 mins each.
  3. Get it now: 10 mins to an hour to setup up in a sandbox or dev org, plus time to test.

* Installs are free in a sbox or dev org. There is a 7 day trial by default in a paid Salesforce account.

Test drives are offered by Salesforce as a super quick way to see the app in context; in Salesforce. Test drives can be quick but are more limited than a full trial. As an evaluation user, you cannot edit data. And you are evaluating the same org as others.

Once logged into a test drive org with your Salesforce credentials, look for a lead named Test Lead; one has a US phone and another a UK phone. In this Fastcall test drive, you can dial the phone number we give on a lead using our softphone on an outbound call.

  • Look for a lead name: Test Lead
    Look for a lead name: Test Lead

You can dial this record (Fastcall US Test Lead) using the softphone.

Or you can select the call logger under the option for calling device.

Fastcall phones are set in the widget under the gear icon. If you want to call yourself, you can use the keypad to enter your number by hand.

TIP: The Fastcall softphone uses a headset and your office internet to dial

For the trial, there is one option for caller ID. The caller ID is a Fastcall inbound number so call that phone number and see the inbound call connect in Fastcall.

BTW, in production, we would pop the inbound record when we find a match in Salesforce. Your record will not pop because your contact record is not in this Salesforce test drive Org.

You can explore the Fastcall user settings and admin settings.

During your test drive keep in mind that this is a shared org with all evaluation users. That is how Salesforce does this. We check the org to be sure the driver before you did not run over any cones. But, it happens. If something is not working we can log in and fix it for you.

Now, let me tell you about Twilio – which we have already connected in our trial org. If you want to dial your Salesforce records (outbound) or receive inbound calls you will connect a Twilio account to Fastcall. Twilio is a telco web service that enables Fastcall to record calls, control your caller ID and use our productivity boosting “Voice Mail Drop.” Twilio also routes your inbound calls (optional).

We hope this Salesforce test drive shows that Fastcall is super easy to use and administer. If you need more of a trial, we have a 7-day trial in a Salesforce production org. Of course, we have an unlimited trial in a sandbox or a developer org. These require some setup but are full evaluations.

But don’t take my word for it, read our FIVE STAR reviews from awesome trailblazers just like you. If you need help, send us an email. We also have our FAQ, users guide and more on the Fastcall website

Pricing is in the AppExchange and on our site Fastcall