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SMS Message Registration Requirements (USA)

This page is closely related to STIR/SHAKEN registration requirements for phone calls. Here we will specifically talk about SMS registration.  STIR/SHAKEN is the registration process introduced by the FCC to prevent spam phone calls and verify caller ID. The registration for SMS is A2P-10DLC. Yup, that’s what it’s called. A2P = application to person. Any company sending SMS is an application. Even if you are sending an SMS from one person to another (P2P).

Just like STIR/SHAKEN is an ongoing process with the FCC, SMS regulations are evolving.

Fastcall will help manage this process for you

The requirements are similar to STIR/SHAKEN. We add additional details about the SMS campaign. These messages are considered campaigns. Again, even if these are individual messages.

  • Legal Business Name
  • Physical Address
  • Business Type (Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Corporation /Co-Operative/LLC/Non-Profit)
  • Company Type (Private/Public)
  • Stock Ticker & Exchange (if Public)
  • Business Registration Number/Tax EIN and Type (DUNS or Business License)
  • Industry
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Social Media Profile URL (LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook)
  • Regions of Operations (USA, etc.)Name and phone of an executive contact (VP or above)

Next, we will add some details about your SMS usage:

  • The A2P use case (customer service?)
  • A short description of the use case
  • Two basic sample messages for the use case
  • Select whether your messages will include embedded links and/or phone numbers (yes or no)

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