Talking about the advantages of a SIP phone.

Softphones are super easy. Plug in a high-quality USB headset and you are ready to go. Softphones are super easy for outbound calls and can answer inbound calls.

The one drawback of a softphone is that it relies on the browser to connect your calls. And the browser uses the computer OS (Windows, MacOS or ChromeOS) to manage your headset.

You must be logged into Salesforce to answer an inbound call with the softphone. And if using a headset, you will only hear the call ring with the headset on.

SIP phones are a great option to answer your inbound calls. These are purpose-built devices that will ring outside Salesforce. The SIP phone does not rely on the browser or operating system.

A basic SIP phone can be purchased for under $50 USD and is pretty easy to set up in Fastcall.

Cisco SIP phone can be used in Fastcall as a device.
Great option to help you inbound call ring.
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