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Unit – Add Fastcall to the Salesforce utility bar

Placing the Fastcall app in this utility bar offers not only convenience but also significant efficiency improvements. It simplifies communication processes, making them smoother and faster, which translates to increased productivity for your team

How to Add Fastcall to the Salesforce Utility Bar

Click on the right top menu and select setup.

Select Setup Screenshot

Click on the App Launcher grid icon in the left top corner, type for “App Manager” and select this option from the dropdown menu.

Search for app manager screenshot

In the “App Manager” page, find the Salesforce App where you want to add the Fastcall utility bar (e.g., “Sales Console”).
Click on the dropdown arrow next to the app name, and select “Edit”

Edit app screenshot

In the App Editor, navigate to the “App Settings” in the left panel, and then choose “Utility Items”.
Click the “Add Utility Item” button.

App settings screenshot

Type phone and select Open CTI Softphone.
Choose “phone”.
Enter a label, for example “Fastcall”, and click on “Save” button.

Add label to the utility screenshot

Review your changes and make sure the Fastcall utility item is added to the utility bar.

Fastcall added to the utility bar screenshot
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