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Unit – Setting up Goals

This unit covers how to set up call goals for your users. By the end of it you will be able to set up and edit goals.

Goals settings

The settings for Goals are found under Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Call Goals > Goals. The table here allows you to filter your goals, create, edit and delete them.

Goals come in two types:

Monthly Call Goals for Users and Groups:

Call Goals have the following properties:

  • Assigned to – Call goals are assigned to users or groups
  • Objective – The count of Calls that must exist to meet the Goal
  • Goals are expressed monthly. Example 500 calls in the month.

Call Count per Record:

Goals of this type are a simple count of calls over a period to the record, for example, “7 calls in 7 weeks’. These Goals have the following additional properties:

  • Period type – the rolling time period for the Goal
  • Custom period start / end – if the time period is set to ‘From/To Date’, the start and end date and time for this

In order to use Records of any given Object for this Goal, the Object must be set as a Managed Object in Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Call Handling > Managed Objects. See the training module about Call Logging to understand more about Managed Objects.

Goals of this type are a count of Calls associated with a particular Record in a period, for example ‘7 calls in 7 weeks’. These Goals have the following additional properties:

  • Period weeks – the period over which the Calls must be made
  • Accomplished Criteria – If a particular Call Result is recorded, or the record related to the Call has a field changed to a particular value, the Goal Snapshot can be set as ‘accomplished’ even though the count of calls has not been met. For example, converting a Lead should count as a met Goal, even if it took one call, instead of seven.

Accomplishing Goals

Progress towards Goals is measured by the count of connected outbound calls. Inbound calls, and calls that do not get answered do not count. When the count of calls reaches the Objective set for the Goal, it is accomplished.

In addition, Goals of type ‘Call Count per Record’ can be accomplished early if a particular Call Result is recorded or if a field on the Record is set to a particular value.

Goal Snapshots

Fastcall stores progress towards Goals as Goal Snapshots. There will be one snapshot per Goal per period, and each completed Call will increment the ‘value’ by 1. If the ‘goal’ is met before the period end, the status will change to ‘accomplished’, otherwise, it will change to ‘failed’.

For Goals of Type ‘Call Count per Record’, one Goal Snapshot is created per Record attempted – the Goal Snapshot does not exist until a Call is made to the particular Record.

Progress towards Goal Snapshots can be viewed from the Fastcall Dashboard, but you may wish to create your own Salesforce Reports to do this

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.2, 2019-05-13